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  • Show your work to the world
  • Advertisement
  • Share Business Information
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  • Contact Form
  • Location Map
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Photo Gallery
  • Pages as per your requirement


  • Website Pricing starts 5000/-
  • Min. Annual Renewal Charges 2000/-
  • Send your requirements to get price estimate
  • Content charges extra if pages are more
  • Just send an email to update anything on the website after publishing


1. Double your Business

According to Google-FICCI survey 2013, web-enabled small & medium enterprises enjoy:

51% higher revenues

49% more profits

7% large customer bases

than their offline-only counterparts.

2. Business Growth:

Internet users are increasing day by day. Consumers search for the product or service on internet. According to Internet & Mobile Association of India, the number of internet users in India is expected to reach 213 million by June 2015. So if you have your presence over the web, obviously you will get new customers. If your competitors have a website, then they have a clear advantage.

3. Saves money:

Few years ago it cost a lot to run a website, but today the case is not the same. Today you can get a website at a low cost. No need to spend money for giving ads in Newspaper, magazine or somewhere else, just promote your website. If you are using printed materials to promote your business & if you need any change in that, then all your printed stock gets wasted & then all the material needs to get reprinted.

4. Global Presence:

On the web, it doesn’t matter that someone is in your city, state or Country; they can access your website from any corner of this world. This will enlarge your market very easily. People from anywhere can get connected with you. You must have heard about long distance relationship, I can say long distance business is also not a bad idea.

5. Showcase your work:

Website is a great platform to showcase your work. You can show your work to make more customers by including portfolio/image gallery on your website.

6. Sell online:

You can sell your products/services online. Your sales will increase as customer can buy from your website form any part of the country, not only from your city.

7. Available 24 x 7

Your business is always open for your customer through a website. Most people search online for products at evening/night when the most businesses are closed. Your website gives you 24 x 7 communication with the people worldwide.

8. Improve Customer Service:

If you have a website your customers can get all the information related to your products/services through your website, they need not to come to your place for small queries, even they need not to call you as they can contact you via contact page of your website.

9. Share Business Information:

Easily share your business information like what you are providing, your phone number, address etc. You can update the latest information on your website to update your customers. Anyone can search your contact details online and this will increase your customers.

10. Great Advertisement:

Today the best way to advertise your business or yourself is through a website. Print your web address on your business cards, include it in your email signature and promote it through social networking sites.

11. Personal Website:

Website is not only for business. You can have your website of your name to create your identity on web. You may have your identity on facebook but that’s not a big deal, all your friends and relatives have their Facebook account but what about Have your personal website to show about yourself, your achievements, images, videos or anything you want.



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