long code service


  • Familiar & easy to use
  • User is charged as normal SMS rates
  • Generate leads
  • SMS Voting
  • Get customer feedback
  • SMS Registrations


  • Automatic reply SMS alert
  • Automatic reply voice alert
  • URL forwarding
  • Unlimited Sub-Keywords
  • Detailed view of incoming traffic
  • Integration through APIs


  • 1 Month     - 649/-
  • 3 Months   - 1805/-
  • 6 Months   - 3328/-
  • 12 Months - 6018/-
  • For validity more than 1 year, go to contact page & send your query

Our sms long code service will assist you to make 2 way sms gateway for your requirements. Our cutting edge technology not just makes your communication quick and easy but it also aids you to reduce down the cost of updating data to your server.

Our price structure for long code is very reasonable and can meet your budget and needs very easily. Using our long code services, you will gain real time reporting by showing all received sms into your online account.

In our sms long code service, the web based control panel is completely featured which aids you to approach your customers regardless of time and place. It is simple to use control panel with user friendly user interface. Essential information is accessible into the panel i.e. mobile number of sender, message, time and date of message. For each keyword and sub keywords you can accomplish your reply sms. We assure you that our service will help you get lead making or gaining feedbacks from the customers.

The customer is served with a web based interface to login to the panel where all of the reports connected to his keywords can be utilised. There is also a provision for API integration of sms long code and url forwarding.

How it works:
Our system basically works when you or your customers send sms with a precise keyword given by you, they will acquire an involuntary reply which is fixed by you. Apart from the automatic reply, by allowing url forwarding you can tailor the reply and information can be sent to your distant database also depending on the keyword and sub keywords.


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